BRC Certification

UPDATE: August 14, 2013; Robert Mann Packaging has earned an "A" grade in its most recent BRC Audit! Congratulations to Steve Carroll, Carlos Velez-Conty, Brian Silva and everyone else on the BRC compliance team!

RMP has become the first corrugated packager in the U.S. to earn a global food safety certification from the British Retail Consortium.

From the BRC Global Standards website:

In 1998 the British Retail Consortium (BRC), responding to industry needs, developed and introduced the BRC Food Technical Standard to be used to evaluate manufacturers of retailers own brand food products. It is designed to assist retailers and brand owners produce food products of consistent safety and quality and assist with their 'due diligence' defence, should they be subject to a prosecution by the enforcement authorities. Under EU food Law, retailers and brand owners have a legal responsibility for their brands.

In a short space of time, this Standard became invaluable to other organisations across the sector. It was and still is regarded as the benchmark for best practice in the food industry. This and its use outside the UK has seen it evolve into a Global Standard used not just to assess retailer suppliers, but as a framework upon which many companies have based their supplier assessment programmes and manufacture of branded products.

Many UK, North American and many European retailers, and brand owners will only consider business with suppliers who have gained certification to the appropriate BRC Global Standard.

Robert Mann Packaging is now a BRC certified supplier in the "Packaging" standard, in the scope of "The manufacture of printed, corrugated, waxed and un-waxed boxes in various sizes for food produce and seafood industries and also non-food industry". RMP began its effort to achieve this certification just a few months ago. Achieving this kind of certification in a short time-frame and on the first attempt takes commitment thoughout the organization, and it would not have been possible without the commitment by President Steve Carroll and the diligent efforts of Vice President of Operations Carlos Velez-Conty, as well as a commitment to meet these standards by everybody in the company.

This certification covers our produce packaging, both waxed and un-waxed, and our seafood packaging, as well as non-food packging, and allows our customers to export their products in our packaging to markets where stringent food-safety standards are in place.

A copy of our certification certificate can be downloaded here.

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