Procona bucket vs Water Box™

Procona bucket alternative, Water Box by Robert Mann Packaging

The Procona bucket (a registered trademark of Pagter Innovations) is a good system, but the Water Box™ is better.

  • The Water Box™ ships flat, for a considerable savings in shipping costs. The Procona system cannot be shipped flat
  • Packing in the Water Box™ takes less time than in the Procona
  • The Water Box™ is lowered easily into the upright hamper. The Procona collar has to be folded around the bucket.
  • The Procona collar has to be stitched in place. There is no wire stitching required in the Water Box™ system.
  • The Water Box™ does not require exterior strapping. The Procona requires exterior strapping.
  • The Water Box™ unpacks easier by using a tear-tape on the exterior hamper. The Procona system requires that the exterior strapping be cut.
  • The Water Box™ takes up less room than the Procona while waiting to be recycled, and it breaks down flat to save on shipping costs again.
  • The Water Box™ offers significant advantages over the Procona bucket system.

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