The Water Box™

The Robert Mann Packaging Water Box™ is the first and only water-proof, 100% Recyclable corrugated shipper/display for water-packed fresh-cut flowers. Patent Pending

Water Box™ and tear-tape hampers

Our new stocked recyclable Water Box™ and tear tape bouquet hampers will save you $$$ in both labor and shipping costs as well as have your flowers arrive fresh at their destination.

The Water Box™ is:


• Assembles in less than 15 seconds – save as much as 90% on labor!
• Safer and helps reduce on-the-job injuries. No stitching or stapling.


• Manufactured in the U.S.A. No expensive international freight delivery.
• Ships flat: more inventory per pallet and fewer shipments needed.
• Eliminates waste charges for your customers. Water Box™ is 100% recyclable.
• Saves space for your customers. Can be broken-down and stored in a fraction of the space until recycled.


• Simplified supply-chain logistics. Pack, ship and display – the durable Water Box™ does it all.
• Easy, blade-free opening! Only Water Box™ has a pull-tab that lets your customers open the display without box cutters or blades.


• Sold by the pallet
• Free up your cash flow. RMP’s stocking program allows you to store and manage your Water Box™ inventory offsite with just-in-time delivery.

With a quicker packaging process, Water Box™ allows our customers to save on direct labor costs, plus reduce injuries and workers compensation premiums because no staples or stitching are needed. Combined, these factors and the other benefits will help domestic growers be much more competitive on a global scale.

- Harald Mann, Robert Mann Packaging, Inc.

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